My Research and Teaching

I worked for several years in the department of psychology at Royal Holloway University, while completing my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Michael Eysenck.  During my PhD I gained a wide range of experience in conducting cutting-edge psychology research, including advanced statistical methods in the analysis of questionnaire data, cognitive reaction-time experiments and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) research. My work during this time also helped form the cornerstone of a novel theoretical account of anxiety and cognitive performance which has been well-received and highly-cited (Eysenck, Derakshan, Santos & Calvo, 2007).

I stayed at Royal Holloway for a post-doctoral research position (working with Prof. Tamar Pincus), and finally as a lecturer. I lectured on ‘Research Methods’, ‘Adult Problems’ (e.g. mood and anxiety disorders, sexual disorders) and the ‘Criminal and Forensic Psychology’ course, for which I was the course coordinator, and also devised the structure and content.

I also supervised final-year research projects and dissertations, and was a personal advisor and tutor for a substantial number of students. The feedback I received from students on my teaching was always overwhelmingly positive, and in 2009 I was honoured with an ‘Apple for the teacher’ Laurels award for outstanding achievement in teaching by the Royal Holloway Students’ Union.


Currently I am a visiting lecturer and clinical supervisor on the following courses:

Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CNWL, Royal Holloway University of London.

IAPT High Intensity Training, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Holloway University of London.


My current list of published papers and book chapters is below:

2012 – Pincus,T., Santos, R., & Vogel, S. The attitudes and beliefs of clinicians treating back pain: do they affect patient’s outcome?; In M. I. Hasenbring, A. C. Rusu, & D. C. Turk (Eds.), From Acute to Chronic Back Pain: Risk Factors, Mechanisms, and Clinical Implications (pp.405-415). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2008 – Pincus, T., Rusu, A., & Santos, R. Responsiveness and construct validity of the Depression, Anxiety and Positive Outlook Scale (DAPOS). Clinical Journal of Pain,24 (5): 431-7.
2008 – Pincus, T., Santos, R., Breen, A., Burton, A.K., & Underwood, M. A review and proposal for a core set of factors for prospective cohorts in low back pain: A consensus statement. Arthritis & Rheumatism, 59,14-24.
2007 – Pincus, T., Santos, R., & Morley, S. Depressed cognitions in chronic pain patients are focused on health: Evidence from a sentence completion task. Pain, 13, 84-92.
2007 – Eysenck M. W., Derakshan N., Santos R., & Calvo M. Anxiety and cognitive performance: Attentional control theory. Emotion, 7(2), 336-353.
2007 – Pincus T., Foster N., Vogel S., Santos R., Breen A., & Underwood M. Attitudes to back pain amongst musculoskeletal practitioners: A comparison of professional groups and practice settings using the ABS-mp. Manual Therapy, 12, 167-175.
2006 – Pincus T., Vogel S., Burton A. K., Santos R., & Field A. P. Fear-avoidance and prognosis in back pain: A systematic review and synthesis of current evidence. Arthritis & Rheumatism, 54(12), 3999-4010.
2006 – Pincus T., Vogel S., Santos R., Breen A., Foster N., & Underwood M. The Attitudes to Back Pain Scale in musculoskeletal practitioners (ABS – mp); The development and testing of a new questionnaire. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 22(4), 378-386.
2006 – Eysenck M. W., Payne S. & Santos R. Anxiety and depression: past, present, and future events. Cognition and Emotion, 20(2), 274-294.
2000 – Baptista, A., Pereira, A., Carvalho, M., Lory, F. & Santos, R. Aprender a lidar com as dificuldades emocionais (Learning how to cope with emotional problems). O Centro de Aconselhamento para Estudantes. Revista de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Dossier de Psicologia, 4/5, 227-237.



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